About MBS

株式会社MBSは「Multinational Business Support」の頭文字を社名とし、経験豊富な公認会計士やコンサルタントが、国内外問わず多国籍な企業に対してビジネスサポートをご提供しています。

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堀口新太 - 株式会社MBS 公認会計士





  • 会計データ作成
  • 月次・年次決算業務
  • 予算作成・予算実績管理
  • 外部・内部監査対応
  • 支払・決済業務
  • 資金管理業務
  • 金融機関との交渉サポート
  • 税務申告書の作成
  • その他各種届出書の作成
  • 税務コンサルティング
  • 給与・社会保障関連業務
  • 人事採用サポート
  • 各種経営診断資料作成



  • 各種モニタリング資料作成
  • 事業計画・中期経営計画策定
  • 事業再生・改善計画実行支援



  • 本社向け各種会計レポート作成(日本語・英語)
  • 外国からの駐在員およびその家族向けコンシェルジュサービス
  • 事業開始サポート(法人設立・人事採用など)
  • 海外本社とのコミュニケーションサポート

会社概要【 会社概要PDF 】




権聖喜    Seiki Gon

公認会計士 / 税理士 / 上智大学経済学部卒業 / 米国DePaul大学MBA


堀口新太    Arata Horiguchi

公認会計士 / 早稲田大学政治経済学部卒業 / 米国シカゴ大学MBA



English[ CompanyProfile.pdf ]

We want to hear all about the dreams you adhere to and the challenges you face in conducting your business.

Are you striving tirelessly to achieve the great things you envision for your company? And yet, in the process of achieving these goals, are you facing problems in business management? We at MBS would like to hear all about it.

The letters in our company name, MBS Inc., stand for “Multinational Business Support.” In accordance with this name, we have experienced and skilled certified public accountants who can provide business support to multinational companies, regardless of whether they are in Japan or abroad. I, Arata Horiguchi, have experience in providing management support to both foreign and domestic corporations through my previous work in auditing, management consulting, and finance. Moreover, during my tenure at an investment fund, I represented and managed a struggling company, and successfully rebuilt its business.

By allowing MBS to conduct your company’s back-office duties, management strategy planning, and all of the entailing tasks, you can concentrate more thoroughly on your core business. We want to hear about your company’s aspirations, financial status, and challenges so that we can assess the kind of support that we can offer. We aspire not only to be your business counterpart, but to be a teammate with whom you undergo your trials and tribulations. Together, we can accelerate the growth of your business.

Arata Horiguchi
Certified Public Accountant, MBS Inc.

MBS Inc.

We, MBS Inc., provide our professional outsourcing service in accounting, finance, tax consulting and other administrative fields. As professional CPAs and licensed tax accountants who have rich experiences in international business, MBS supports our clients to concentrate their limited resource on their core activities and reasonably mitigates their internal control risks.

Our outsourcing service


  • Bookkeeping
  • Monthly and annual closing
  • Reporting(Japanese GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS)


  • Cash disbursement
  • Cash flow management
  • Supports in communication with banks

Tax consulting

  • Tax filing
  • Tax planning


  • Managerial accounting
  • Budgeting and budget control

Other administrative

  • Payroll service
  • HR(Hiring etc.)
  • Company start up
  • Supports in communications with Headquarter and group companies overseas

Concierge service for expatriates

  • Relocation and home finding support
  • Settling in assistance

Company profile

President : Seiki Gon
Founded : July 18th, 2008
Office : Kapira Azabu 201, 3-1-34 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046, Japan
Tel : 03-6438-9921   Fax : 03-6438-9973

Team profile

Seiki Gon   President

BA(Shopia University), MBA(Depaul University), CPA, Lisenced Tax Accountant Gon joined Dentsu Inc. which is one of the world largest advertising agencies with 4 year experience as an auditor at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. She worked for Dentsu’s IPO project and group management projects. After Dentsu, she established her own accounting firm which spun-off MBS in 2008.

Arata Horiguchi

BA(Waseda University), MBA(The Uniersity of Chicago), CPA After graduated from Waseda University, Horiguchi worked for an international division of Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu. With his experiences as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group after gaining MBA at The University of Chicago, he worked as Director for Palace Capital K.K., a private equity investment fund of MUFG which is one of the largest financial institutions worldwide. Before joining MBS, he managed a frozen food manufacturer, one of Palace’s portfolio companies, for four years as CEO.